Monday, 11 July 2016

Remember: This stressful moment will become a chapter of your Memoirs. Not all is lost.

My dear, dear dearest fellow students: The day that was set upon the Gods for us to exteriorize our valuable and treasured knowledge in the form of a digital document has finally become part of the past that is set on stone. In other words, chances are, that most of you already submitted your thesis, and now life seems to have gained new colours and challenges… like holidays.

A great number of international students have travelled back to their countries, in order to gain some weight with the so called ‘homely calories’ that only your local food can accomplish. For the rest of us who ‘stayed’ behind, there are a few options to consider: Either booking a flight in order to meet up with our forgotten friend (the sun), or enjoy our Netherlands as it is, and relaxing our stressed nerves. I have been craving for a book to read that did not include the words ‘securitisation’ or ‘telecommunications’, but of course this did not happen, as I have enrolled in Summer School, in order to get more background on European Law. What was I thinking? The enrichment of my education? Or glory and power perhaps? I will remain silent on this subject, and leave the door open for any kind of speculation on your behalf.

A general conclusion I can make from this course is that it provided me with guidance, not only in the topics of the courses, but on my professional career. As I finished my bachelor back in Argentina, I was a bit worried-and what I really mean is scared-of what will become of me as a professional. I have had training in almost all the subjects of law-from civil to navigation and aeronautical-but I just could not find my way on regards of a proper specialization. As the classes of Corporate Governance passed by I developed an interest-derived by curiosity- on how undertakings interact within their internal and external organisation. However, the ground breaking subject for me was regulation: I found my field of interest though this Master, and for that I will be forever grateful.

I am aware that some will agree (?)…and other will consider it not to be their cup of tea, but in this differences is where true beauty lies. Bottom line is, whatever you do-study or work-always seek to find the added value of it: No matter how bad your experience or how difficult it became: You might not know better, but just a little bit more.

PS: As I walked in Schipol I realised that NO, I have not yet tried Haring, but in this holidays you are all welcome to do so.