Friday, 27 May 2016's me..

I am sorry for the delay in my post but, as you might know, I am in the middle of my thesis writing and two jobs at the moment, so there is a chance that I might collapse or turn into a unicorn, no one knows.

First things first, I do not recommend students to take up numerous jobs, but I happen to find that part-time jobs, even if they narrow your free time, it is a way to canalize your focus and energy. A good and usual job for students is being a waiter/waitress in a restaurant during the weekends, and even if you do not speak dutch fluently, you can always try Amsterdam: It is 30 min away by train and during the summer they are desperate for people who can speak not only English, so your mother tongue might become handy.

Regarding my thesis, well, I feel things are starting to adopt a more coherent shape, and after our second peer group meeting I could include a different input on my topic. The problem with my subject is that when you are studying and reading about a certain regulatory approach most likely you will come across with political and social issues that-though interesting-are not part of the topic itself.

As I mentioned before, this is the first time I am writing a thesis, so I still find it like a new adventure. Personally, I took a paper I wrote for the subject Regulation and Supervision of Markets and used it as a guide-as I was quite contempt with its structure. This was a real lucky shot, as I found it less stressful to write something knowing where I wanted to go. Pretty quickly a conclusion was made: Structure is 80% of your thesis.

As from WHERE do I write my thesis...well it really depends.. it could be on the train, but only if you already know what are you going to write-as I would not trust 100% on the 'internet in the train' from NS: I think it does smell fear, as when you actually need it, it becomes super slow-but allows you to browse through Facebook quite easily. Caf├ęs and trains are nice, buy my personal favorite is the cool, dark (don't get me wrong, I am only talking about the colour of the walls, there is plenty of light to read with) library in the Uithof. You just gotta love a place where you can take your shoes off and not be lynched by it.

Dear students (almost graduates!yay!) see you soon, make sure you are wearing matching and unbroken socks.