Friday, 22 December 2017

A new page...

  Two years ago, I visited this beautiful city, Utrecht, for the first time, and as a usual traveler I was fascinated by every little detail of this city; the architecture, streets, canals, restaurants, libraries, the university buildings, the harmony of everything and a lot more that I will be elaborating throughout my blog. 
     Now, and for over four months, I am so lucky to be living here and studying at the University of Utrecht as a Legal Research Master student. It is not at all easy, yet utterly adventurous to live and learn in a different place than what you’re used to. This is not a view of a person who has seen a few, I would confidently say my life has been adventurous to some extent; I am always on the move; never afraid to take risky decisions; and I am always ‘curious’. However, moving to another city, let alone another country, was one of the most challenging decisions I ever made. Totally worth it.

   It is not easy to relocate, I am aware that our directions and destinations have to be always justified and clarified by reasons, such as: sentimental ones; old roots to this destination, family reunion or friends, but also financial reasons such as pursuing a scholarship. Even myself, I would not have moved or applied for the Master’s that I am currently enrolled in unless I had that “big reason”. My reason was to be with my fiancee.  However, paradoxically, the main aim I am writing this blog is to tell you that you do not need that big reason to study in Utrecht, because if you are an ambitious, hard worker person, this University would help you by all means. 

My vision is to write on my experience in Utrecht and it’s university. I will do so spontaneously by picking topics that I, and you, may wonder about.

As this meant to be an introduction, I am writing some background information about myself, my vision, mission and the value of this blog. My name is Waleed, 26 years old, I was born in Libya, but my parents are Egyptians and before I moved to the Netherlands I had my entire life in Egypt. I have many hobbies but can be limited to three categories; travelling and photographing; reading and writing; and Gym and boxing. 

Throughout each blog, my mission is to deliver to you some practical experience, of an international student’s life who studies law in Utrecht University. I will also reflect my social life here as well as the problems I encounter. This should help you creating your perspective about the city, the university and the Master's I am enrolled in.