Thursday, 13 February 2014

Midweek Moot Madness and Career Crash Courses

Hi Everyone,

Another busy week at the university this week with Moot Court deadlines looming and Career Week in full effect. Today means the ICC Moot Court team is exactly one week away from our final written submission. That means we are working around the clock to fix up any errors in the drafts, compiling the individual sections and praying we didn’t miss any elements in our research of the problem provided by the Court.

On the side of the first week of classes of Block 3, members of our LLM are also invited to participate in a series of career workshops throughout the week. Career week officially started last Friday when we were invited to submit our CV and cover letter (for the job of our choice) to be judged by three anonymous readers. Based on the quality of the CV and letter, the judges will give us a yes/no or maybe to our dream job and the reason for the decision. Given the number of applications I have received back with the standard “we received a high number of applicants…” response, this is a good opportunity to get some real feedback.

The workshops from Career Week include the following:

1) CV and Cover Letter writing workshop
2) LLM Human Rights and Criminal Justice Panel Discussion and Q&A
3) Professionals Panel discussion and Q&A (with professionals from Amnesty        
     International and the Asser Institute)
4) Interviewing workshop

So far the workshops have been insightful and at times slightly worrying. From the alumni discussion, it is clear that you have to get a head start on making contacts and getting work experience, preferably even before your LLM is finished. Fear aside, the chance to learn proper interview skills and brush up on our CV’s comes at a great time in the program.

Next week, I will travel with three colleagues to the European Court of Human Rights as part of the Clinic Program to attend a hearing in the Grand Chamber. After figuring out the Dutch car rental website (more difficult than it seems) and booking two nights in a Strasbourg hostel, we are ready to go and looking forward to seeing the outcome of a case we had the pleasure to research.

Until the next time/Tot de volgende keer!


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