Monday, 12 October 2015

Between dragons and tea

          Month 2 has already begun, and I am very proud of myself for managing to deal with Black Board, Osiris and the library page, and not mix up my student id. I'm not saying it is a difficult system to cope with, but personally I had never used  anything like this before. So a lot to read and cold weather to make you stay indoors. Cold will never leave you, especially in the coming months. I promised myself I wasn't going to say this but, technically, and no-tv show-related-reference, winter is, in fact coming. So, since we do not have dragons and realms to rule, what can we, in fact do about this?

Let's try a positive approach. Things could be worse, I mean, we could be under tropical weather and then, how will we ever get things done? How come I have never seen a movie about a master student in the caribbean?What's the hidden message here? When the sun is shining we are inclined to go out, so the cold at least will keep us at one secure location. The last few days I have found myself shocked by the few amount of clothing the dutch use when they are outside. Whereas I am completely stiff with 5 layers (and still cold), I see a guy wearing merely a t-shirt. A T-SHIRT! And girls with dresses and skirts. By the way, I think I could write a book on dutch women wearing heels while biking. It would be called "I'm so not carrying an extra pair of shoes just to pedal my way to the club, long title but a definite best seller.

I have always found that a way to fight the cold is food. I mean, tea is great, coffee too bu still, you need something else. We can all rest assured we are bound to find just the right thing to eat here in Holland, since we lack the guilt of calories, because we will surely "bike it off" later. Have you tried poffertjes? Those little round, full of butter and sugar and happiness pancakes? They are just like watching cat videos on youtube. Once you feel you've had enough, somehow you find yourself having more than a normal person should EVER have. Go ahead and get some, if you find recently baked ones you will see how easy it is to be happy.

Even though my arrival to Holland was 6 months ago, I'm just now starting to realize how far away from home I am. Mixed feelings cross your heart,  because this is just a new and exciting adventure, but you find yourself longing for the flavours, the sights and the people that you grew up with. Being far is not easy, but I guess you can find comfort in the thought that time invested in education is no time lost at all. All that you are doing now is going to improve your life in the future. I know this sounds like fixed phrases but I have found them to be true. Always remember you are not alone in this process, and if sometimes it gets hard just think that everything happens for a reason. If it's happening to you, it's because you can make it.

So put your socks up and keep that kettle boiling. Unless you are making coffee. Then you don't boil the water. And if it does, you can always make some soup. Or not. Whatever works for you. This could go on forever. I will stop blogging now. Till next time.

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