Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Eating the alphabet will not make you smarter.

          We are two days away from Christmas. I have already eaten a “J” shaped chocolate. I wonder how many letters of the alphabet will suffer the consequences of my presence in the Netherlands. Sadly I could not travel to Argentina for the holidays, so I will be working in Amsterdam this winter’s break. 
But not all is bad news, since finally my printer and I have come to an agreement, and we are slowly printing Guidelines and legislation. If you still don't have a topic and feel guilty about it, just think in general terms, and then you can narrow it down with your tutor. Furthermore, 9 out of 10 times you are going to change your topic (or at least your angle of it) once you start with the research.

           I just wanted to have the opportunity of wishing you a merry Christmas and wherever you are, enjoy your family and happy of all the effort you are doing. I mean, I know many of you have travelled not only with clothes and shoes, but also with books. That is exactly what I am talking about: The unspeakable truth about being a student, the sense of effort even in the most relaxing holidays.

          I am incredibly happy with my classmates and the University, as I never felt (not for one moment) alone, and If I ever needed something (like the coordinates of a specific location, or the time of the lecture and number of room) there’s always someone to give you a hand. So, in this post I would like to thank you all...specially because we still have around 7 months together, and those kind of questions will never cease.

          Read your guilt away, and celebrate with eyes closed, I will probably post something more before New Year’s Eve. Rest assured, I will take care of Utrecht until you all return.

Fijne feestdagen!!

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