Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Walk the walk, fall the fall

      Since today we are beginning the last month of the year, I think it will be interesting to assess our progress here in The Netherlands. Naturally, I will use my experiences as a starting point:

Days in the Netherlands: 216
Exams taken:2
Courses: 4 (so far)
Number of bikes: 1 (I call it ‘The Granny’)
Number of functioning brakes:1
Number of lost gloves: two. (Of two different pairs)
Number of falls from bike: 2
Number of times I pretended that I didn t fall : 2
Attendance to the gym: 2 times.
Kg of cheese eaten: probably reaching 3 digits.
Misinterpretation of schedule: 1

         After taking a closer look at the previous numbers, I can't say I have any regrets. I think I am slowly starting to adapt to life in The Netherlands. When you don't even consider taking a bus, regardless the weather; or that wonderful and courageous moment when you decide to leave your house and DO something, even though it's cold or raining. Or windy and rainy. Or little drops in form of ice start to fall. Anyway, I have realised that life goes on. Dutch implicitly taught me that much: No matter what may be falling from the sky, or how dark the day is, life does not stop there, and you should not stop there. Go outside and meet some friend, go to the gym or to the supermarket. We are all in the same situation. Your socks might be wet, but you will prevail.

       Thanks to my facebook-who knows more about my life than myself- ‘told’ me that it's been 8 years since I graduated from high school. And so I started to think of all of the things that have happened since that day, and it seems crazy that, not only am I living 12.706 km away from home, but also that I'm halfway of my Master. I know saying that is quite optimistic of me, but just think about it. Time passes by so quickly now, and this is a fast programme, which makes it very dynamic and interesting to follow. I don't particularly believe in regrets, but I do wish I had come before to the Netherlands. Either way, there's still plenty way to go, and who knows what will happen in 8 years? I hardly know what I'm having for lunch…

         Please excuse my reflective mood today, but it must be the fact that today we start the last month of the year that brings up all these thoughts. I remember my first day and feeling so lost! Now I find comfort in the streets, the classrooms (by the way, as from next year, we will have new classrooms in Janskerkhof) lectures and seminars. I'm not afraid of writing a paper, though I'm still working on my nerves when it comes to oral presentations. But one thing is for sure: There is a lot going on, and as students-as young professionals-we should go for all the opportunities that we are presented. Utrecht University is out there, letting us know that there is a market for us (through the publications and announcements in BlackBoard), and that we should not be afraid to own up to our knowledge.

     So, we have come this far, and probably go further. December or not, reading is still very much needed. Bedankt, and tot ziens to you all.

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