Monday, 29 February 2016

The day that exists every four years: Because 365 days is so last year.

       Today is a special day, not only did we have a “break” in the Law department, but also Leo finally got his Oscar. This story proves that after hard work always comes a reward. In our case (hopefully) it will be our corrected Thesis and our Master Degree (although I always secretly wish to win an Oscar one day).

So, what have you and I been up to? Between research proposals, and reading, again, my heart was broken for the attempt of snow, but none of that matters, as tomorrow Lente is here. I know you must be surprised as my level of Dutch is getting better by the minute, I feel like a 3 year old saying (and repeating) random words such as Lente, schoen (shoe), vliegtuig (plane), and many many more. Anyway, I feel the end is coming, as the task list is becoming shorter, we are only 2 papers, one presentation, two exams and a Thesis to go. It’s really not that much is it?

I’m very happy and excited that I had a meeting with my supervisor, presented a research proposal and had feedback for my topic. As I think I mentioned in the previous post, I completely changed my subject and I will focus on regulation in developing countries, by doing a comparative approach with the EU. Since this is probably too broad, I decided to narrow it down to the banking sector. My idea is to find out whether the regulation in this sector is appropriate, meaning if the approach taken by the regulators is the most effective (in an economic and legal aspect). Honestly, I can’t wait to start writing my thesis, but first things first… the two last subjects have to be passed before.
I suffer what many students have suffered before, and that is a too broad research question. I know I can narrow it down as soon as I start doing research and reading more about my topic. I think not having written a thesis before is my greatest strength and my curse. Since I don’t know the process I do not fear it or dread the moment I have to do it, I am looking forward to it because I see it as a challenge. And by now, we all know this challenge is accepted.

So, let’s celebrate… by reading. I’m very sure we can do this 4 months with grace and elegance.

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