Monday, 15 February 2016

What to expect when we are NOT expecting.

I will not address the subject that we almost (almost) got snow yesterday. I promised in the past (last week) I would not give in to hope. Nevertheless, I will attach a meme for the moments when I identify volatile snow in the air.

Either way, I feel a bit odd this last semester as the two subjects we have are quite different from what we are used to, at least in the structure of the courses. For example, in Independent Regulators, Regulation and Accountability not only we have a research paper and group presentation but also receive an opposing view from our classmates. I have never experienced something like that in a presentation, since usually interactions among students are quite rare. Furthermore, in Regulation and Supervision of Markets, we have a similar approach, but with one twist: The oral presentations will consist in providing feedback on a paper of a fellow classmate. Certainly different approach, I am a bit curious about the outcome.

Speaking of presentations, dear classmates, do look at your peers, look at them carefully, because this are the last group projects we are going to do. It is funny how we managed to know each other in this past few months, and I was lucky enough to always work with different people every time. I am not sad, but thankful for all this time. Take a closer look at that good friend we all made, all those moments that we needed it, it was there, asking almost nothing for our company... the coffee vending machine, our ally in moments of distress.

On the Thesis corner, we must also mention something about peer groups. Last week we received a list in which we are divided in groups of 5 or 6 people, that alongside our supervisors will help us work on our thesis in a more efficient way. I think the reason behind this is to make the writing more amiable and dynamic. Without a proper incentive and feedback, students might get a bit stressed or frustrated. I'm having a meeting with my supervisor tomorrow, so I can start discussing how can my topic be addressed.

Short reflection: Lets enjoy and try to give our best (as always). We have come this far, we are almost in the finish line.

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