Tuesday, 2 February 2016

7 days of windy freedom

Well, unlikely as it may be, exams are finally over, and we have one week of rest before the Master catches up with us. Also unlikely is the lack of snow over Utrecht, and since I always check my window when I wake up, I think it is time to let go...

Anyway, lets start with some good news: It is time to start writing (at least an outline) of our thesis! By now all of us have our tutors assigned, and at least one starting point. Personally, I will try to contact them before the end of the week in order to check whether my ideas are too general or not. At first I was interested in the previous steps that an undertaking has to go through before a merger could be cleared, but now I find the behaviour of firms itself very interesting. Of course I found out about my new inclination for this subject when I was studying, but I guess that is the normal procedure. I imagine that writing a thesis (I have never written one) gives you more questions than answers, and I know for sure it is not going to be an easy task, but I keep my hopes up.

On other news, tomorrow I will be part of the Master's Programme Information Evening, and at 15:45 there is going to be a meet & greet borrel with some prospective students at cafe Broers, so if you are around, feel free to join! Also, on Thursday there is going to be an Orientation Programme for Exchange students, that starts at 12:30 in Janskerkhof.

Finally, lets not forget we still have two more subjects to go: Independent Regulators, Regulation and Accountability, and Regulation and Supervision of Markets. But let op! (caution, note, warning) this are also our last subjects, so we can be a bit happy (even though we do not have our grades yet). So far, we are doing good, and I am personally very excited for finishing and seeing what will come next. I hope snow is part of it. At least a little bit.

Ps: In the last picture you can appreciate an specimen of "studentuss-free-of-examus" in its natural habitat.