Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Stress, plan, relax, write. Repeat.

Well hello there, fancy seeing you again! I was not only out of the blogging world but also the real world, as I was so sick my face told unspoken words to people. Meaning, I had the kind of sickness that makes people put ‘that’ face, like you were a lost puppy that was somehow attending to a Regulation and Supervision of Markets lecture. Anyway, 4 days in bed a bit of cough on a side will not stop me from this Master.

I have been experiencing a bit of anxiety as I submitted my draft for my last paper last Friday, as emptiness is somehow very present in our lives. In other words, we are running out of excuses for starting to write the thesis. Ideally, we should be writing something this week or the next, just a few lines, to get that feeling that we are moving forward. Planning is very important, it is just like a gym routine, we will not get results unless we actually start doing it. Truth is, writing is not such a big burden, as we have been writing 10 pages for essays, and if we divide it and write 3 pages per ‘writing day’ then it’s around 12 days (ROUGHLY ).

Many have started to think what to do after we finish, whether it’s looking for work or internship here in the Netherlands or in your home countries, I’m very confident despite all the stress and thinking, you will all find your way, everything will be FINE! So as I have told you many times before, enjoy this months, enjoy this people that you see, because even though we have made friends, not all are going to live here after we finish.

What I like the most about the Master is the information available for us. What I mean is, there a lot of visits, and guest speakers from different organisations, such as the ACM, AFM, or from the private sector. For a person that had no information regarding the functioning of the EU, this has been very enlightening. These shows me how this institutions work, and it can give you an idea on where you would like to work, given that I am not a fan of law firms, it certainly posted an alternative.

One advice from student to student: When you are sending a paper, do not forget to attach the file. I think that is the most valuable thing I can add now.  Tot laterz


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