Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Reflections & Conclusions: Being epic is the answer.

      Last week was our University’s birthday, and I like to think that all throughout this 380 years of history, students have not changed that much. I mean, sure, 200 years ago there was no social media and so many distractions, but I bet they found ways to stress and worry about their future. And procrastinate about their thesis.

     On a ‘personal history’ note, this past 2nd of April I celebrated my Dutch birthday, it has already been a year since I am here. Of course I have had a weekend of mixed emotions due to this, and I have been thinking about myself when I first arrived to the Netherlands. Much has happened after that day, in which my mum (and my cat) and I were standing at Schiphol airport waiting for the luggage. I am happy to say I feel completely different, and a big part of that change is due to Utrecht University. It was here were I had to come across lectures and seminars in a different language, writing essays (which I haven’t done in years!) and getting to know this large (and tall) group of humans that surrounded me. I am beyond happy about this experience, especially because of  all this people who came from completely different parts of the world, somehow we got together and happened to have many things in common. I have found friends 12.706km away from home.

      There are many things I can say about this year in the Netherlands. Never have I ever thought I could feel comfortable in such a different culture. Somehow I believe this country awards you with a great gift when you decide to live in it: The opportunity to be free. This is one of the aspects of Dutch culture which I enjoy the most: You are free from labels, as people here hardly care about what and who do you decide to be, as they do not expect you to be anything but yourself. The key to this freedom is eloquently stated in their favourite means of transportation: LE BIKE. This element provides with the solution for traffic and public transportation, but it becomes more, as you no longer are a ‘waiting’ person, but a ‘doer’ when you hop on your bike and manage your speed, your style and your time.
What is more, yesterday was my last lecture of the Master, and I can hardly believe it has gone so fast. Two finals and one thesis to go. I hope I can write my final version of the outline by the end of this week, so at least I know how I am going to address my topic. Last but not least, this is the 100th post of the University blog, and I am honoured to have the chance to write it.

        Remember: Once a student, always a student. No one can take this experience away from you. Make it valuable. Make it epic.

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